Clan Warfare and Rewards

Clan Chest

Clans can gain rewards through the influence points they gain (sum of all players). This way the clans can upgrade a reward chest which will provide them with increasing rewards with each upgrade.

Clan Upgrades

Clans can buy several upgrades to provide their members certain bonuses.

Clan Fort

Reduces spawn time of the clan members.

+5% Respawn Speed

+1% Per Level

Clan Tavern

Increases energy refill of clan members slightly

+5% Energy Regen

+2% Per Level

Clan Bank

Increases the stashing rate of the clan members slightly.

+5% Stashing Amount

+%1 Per Level

Clan Market

Reduces market spread of for clan members by a small amount

-%2 Reduced Spread

-0.5% Per Level

Clan Forge

Increases chances of successfully upgrading items.

+5% increases success rols

+1% Per Level

Each of the clan buildings will be able to upgraded by paying their costs. Since the resources in the world are limited, the upgrade will be limited as well. We reduce the upgrade count further by selling “upgrade blueprints” in the market.

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